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Have you ever 유흥 알바 wanted to be like those “naturally slender” people you see walking around? I don’t know if you can imagine walking past a chocolate cake and not even realizing that it is there. Or just forgetting about the buttered slice of fresh-baked bread next to you at the table. In fact, what if you could shop for a stylish outfit instead of one that covers you up? I don’t know if you can imagine a time in the future—say six months from now—when you look back to now realizing that your life was out of control then? And, maybe, you realize that reading these words then was the turning point. It is time to take back control of your life, is it not? Because—for you—having control means:



Right now, you may be saying to yourself something like this: “Oh, sure. That will be the day. I’ve tried all the programs and diets. All of them promise a lot more than they deliver. So, why should I believe this guy?”

Why do I suspect you may be thinking this? Because I have been there myself. I had been overweight most of my life. And I have been  a hypnotist for almost 25 years now. With ordinary hypnosis, some clients succeed, but a lot don’t. I did not know why. There were times when I succeeded, and times when I did not. Again, I did not know why. But thanks to an unusual “coincidence,” I now know the answer to these questions.

A few years back, I began to hear stories about a hypnotist from Indiana who had developed secret techniques that allowed his weight-loss clients to get phenomenal results. This elusive genius had retired from the business after making a small fortune with his successful clients. He did not go to any of the hypnosis conventions, and he did not publish his methods in any of the journals. My frustration was enormous—knowing that someone had the answers to the questions that had plagued me, but not knowing how to find him.

Then I found out that he had trained two or three people in his techniques and sworn them to secrecy. I tracked down one of these people, Bill Horton, in North Dakota. After a lot of arm twisting and money exchanging hands, I persuaded Bill to teach me the secrets.

I came back to Southern Florida to share those secrets with my clients. The results were astonishing. My clients were happy, and I was happy with the job I was doing for them. But there was one problem I could not deal with. The limitation was simple: only so many hours in a day. You can only see so many people. I wanted a way to share this with a much wider audience. I could have hired other hypnotists and trained them to do what I do, but that would mean having employees—in my mind that is too close to being a babysitter!!! No, there had to be another way.

Finally, I devised a workbook that will take you through the steps I would lead you through in the office. The process is simple and easy. And the results are the same as if I guided you through it in the office. The only real difference is the price. I charged around $3000 for the work I did in my office. Some would say this CD program is “pricey” too, but it is a lot less than $3000.

Even if you have tried ordinary hypnosis before, you will be amazed at the results you get with these methods. Because hypnosis works directly on your unconscious—that part of you that already runs your body, keeps you breathing, keeps your heart beating and a thousand other things—losing weight is effortless. Your “willpower” won’t fail you this time, because you don’t use willpower. And there is no discomfort. You will want to eat sensibly—the right foods, healthy foods, in reasonable quantities—just as if you were a thin person. The other reason that you will be successful is that you change your self image. Your body naturally has to align itself with your self image. So, the weight just melts off—automatically—you  become thin because you believe deep down that you are thin!

Four Signs

You Need To Lose Weight

1. You Don’t Like The Way You Look

Some people do not like the way they look because of what they see in the mirror each day. Or maybe it is the clothing that is getting so tight that you have stopped looking in the mirror. Maybe you are concerned about how others see you? Is your stomach flat, or does it  stick out? Maybe you have trouble buttoning your jeans. Are you pear shaped? With lots of cellulite on your hips? Or do you have a double chin that gets in the way of buttoning the top button? What about fashionable clothing? Do you stick with nondescript clothes that cover you up instead of searching for clothing that will enhance your natural appearance? I won’t even mention bathing suits. It is time to take back control of your life, is it not?

2. You Don’t Feel Well—No Energy

Some people simply do not feel well because of the excess weight that they drag around with them all day long. It is a vicious circle: heavy people just naturally have less energy and feel like doing less. When they play sports, they move slower. But what if you suddenly felt more energetic? When you have more energy, you naturally do more—and you do it better, so you want to do more. It is so much easier for you to take the excess weight off—now—when you lead an active lifestyle. It is time to take back control of your life, is it not?

3. Your Health Is At Risk

Carrying extra fat around is not good for your health, either. Everyone knows that heart disease is associated with being overweight. So is diabetes. These are both life-threatening illnesses. Almost all other diseases are also made worse by poor eating habits. If logical thinking were all that was required, anyone with an ounce of sense would get rid of the excess weight right now. Obviously, that does not happen. You just have to think at a deeper, inner level—a level that logic and rational thinking can’t reach. I want you to understand that this has NOTHING to do with strength of character or your basic worthiness as a human being.  The only way to make a permanent change in your weight is to change how you think about yourself and food at the deepest level.  It is time to take back control of your life, is it not?

4. You Eat Compulsively

Compulsive eaters gobble food down and gorge themselves. It is just like being a junky. You eat more and more, but you never really enjoy it, and you certainly don’t savor your food. Food controls you—it takes over your life. And the worst part of this is when someone or something controls you, you lose self esteem, don’t you? And when you don’t feel good about yourself, what do you do? You eat more. And it only feels good when the food is in your mouth. The minute you swallow, you start thinking about putting something else in your mouth. It is time to take back control of your life, is it not?


You have to believe that you can do it. To believe that now, you must have self esteem. One of the first things I show you is a simple exercise that will build your self esteem faster than Donald Trump builds skyscrapers. You will create a new, ideal, powerful self image—that pulls you forward with an irresistible compulsion.

I will give you direct hypnotic suggestions that will cause you to want to:

eat healthy food ¨ eat smaller portions ¨ get sufficient exercise

forget about junk food ¨ think like a naturally slender person

Eating healthy becomes automatic.

I will show you three sure fire techniques to blow stress, anger, and frustration away instantly. You will be able to instantly let go of negative emotions. A person can forget about binge eating when they have an effective way to handle stress.

You’ll learn how to dissolve old issues that  you’ve been saddled with for years. No wallowing in it. No analysis-paralysis. No “dirty laundry.” You will do it rapidly with no discomfort. When your irrational fear is gone, there is no need to hide behind the fat, and it just melts away.

Thin people eat differently than fat people. Because they make choices differently. You will learn the secret internal strategy of thin people. You will automatically become thin!!! “Thinness” will be inevitable, unavoidable—your destiny.

No Life-Threatening Surgery

No Special Meals

No Herbs

No Dangerous Drugs

No Hidden Costs

You get all this without any special foods to buy—no “puppy chow in a box.” Some programs seem to be free or inexpensive until you find out about the special foods and “must buy” products. There are no hidden costs. NONE.

I do not push using herbs and supplements. If you want to use them, you can. It is your choice—but you will have to buy them at your favorite drug store or health food store. And I certainly do not endorse using drugs—if you want to take drugs, see an MD. Surgery? Well, again, if you like that idea, you need to see a MD.

This program is not for everyone. There are some people that should NOT buy these CDs. If you are NOT ready to accept control of your life, don’t call today. When you do decide to take back  control of your life, pick up the phone, dial 561-302-7731 and order the CDs today . What would it be worth to you to BE THIN FOREVER? You can also fax your order in or order over the web.

I think life should be fun. People say that I am irreverent, because I like to make fun of stupid things—particularly sacred cows. And my sessions tend to be pretty light-hearted. But understand this: At one point in my life, I weighed over 100 pounds more than I do now. What this means to you, is that I have walked in your shoes. I’ll make fun of a lot of things, but I will never make fun of you. I’ll laugh with you, but I will never laugh at you.

Street Smart Weight Loss CD

CD 1 is an introduction to hypnosis and effective goal setting. It explains how to use the worksheets in the Manual, which sets this program apart from any other hypnosis weight loss system. Additionally this CD guides you through establishing your NEW self-image in such a way that it becomes irresistible.

CD 2 teaches you the mechanics of weight loss. It is a two-stage process designed to get you into the swing of things easily and effortlessly. The mechanics of weight loss are easy but necessary.

CD 3 programs you to respect and love yourself. At an unconscious level, many people do not love and respect themselves. The “little voices inside” are constantly criticizing and saying things that would get your face slapped if you said it to anyone else. You will banish those voices forever! You now control them instead of allowing them to control you! You’ll be happy that you decided to ORDER NOW.

CD 4 continues to build mental toughness. No matter what happens, you will instantly find yourself back “in the zone” when you LEARN THE SECRETS of this CD. Old memories and their emotional scars vanish. Just let go of the hurts and pains of the past, and the pounds will melt away.

CD 5 teaches you Self-Hypnosis. You will learn to take control of your life by creating your own hypnosis sessions. Put yourself into trance, reprogram your brain the way you want it to be, bring yourself out of trance, and LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT TO LIVE—NOW!

CD 6 helps you recharge your batteries with three hypnosis exercises that use affirmations. The affirmations remind you of what you are doing and how you are doing it at the deepest level. They become the “New Rules” that you live you life by.

The Street Smart Weight Loss User’s Manualcovers some background on hypnosis and gives you the tools you need to set your goals. This is not one of those ordinary goal-setting exercises where you set up a “wish list” of “resolutions” that you never think of again. No, this is a powerful, easy to use system that allows you to create exactly what it is you have always longed for. You will START NOW to Reduce Frustration And Shave Pounds off immediately!

That is what you get with Street Smart Hypnosis Weight Loss. The program consists of six CDs and a workbook. For a limited time, we are including a bonus CD with a short morning and evening exercise. The first exercise gets your day off to a great start. The night exercise helps you get a good night of natural sleep.

To make your dreams your reality, all you have to do is ORDER TODAY!

Street Smart Hypnosis Weight Loss is


Street Smart Hypnosis Weight Loss CD

Also available as an MP3 download.