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There is an 룸 알바 Amazing Wealth of Material in NLP. Here is A Partial Outline of What You Will Learn

Gaining Instant Rapport
Controlling Motivation (Yours and Others)
Leading People
Using Words to Change Lives Instantly
Eliminating Fears and Phobias in 10 Minutes or Less
Learning New Skills Rapidly
Creating States of Excellence
Communicating Effectively
Eliminating Useless Behavior
Dissolving the Impact of the Past
Bringing New Resources to Old Problems
Understanding the Language(s) of the Brain
Tuning in to What Others Really Want
Raising Your Self Esteem
Resolving Internal Conflicts Quickly and Easily
Changing Your Timeline
The Presuppositions of Success
Why Most Conventional Therapies Fail
Understanding Eye Movements
Basic Eye-Movement Therapies
Exploding Emotional Road Blocks
Communicating Directly with the Unconscious
Embedding Commands
Disguise Inductions and How to Use Them
Blow Off Criticism
Dissolve Co-Dependence
Enhance Love Life
Rapidly Realign Values

We offer live trainings as well as recorded classes.

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