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We reprogram
your brain for success.

Welcome to Success Easy. We provide mental training for winners. This is the home of Hypnosis Weight Loss, CW EASY and other special programs for
dramatically improving all aspects of your life. We also provided in-office
hypnosis and NLP services.

Privacy Policy

“We never rent, trade or sell your e-mail address. Your e-mail address is not made available to anyone — period. Your complete confidentiality is guaranteed 100%.”

Our Mission

Peter O’Dell and Success Easy are committed to presenting you with the highest quality
training, service and products. We respect the dignity and magnificence of each
human being we encounter. We are committed to transferring skills to you to live
a better life more abundantly.

Contact Information

If you need more information, call me directly–the number below is my direct line, and I usually answer it myself. If you get my voice mail, leave your number. I will call you back. –Peter