Hypnosis Fundamentals

Master 룸알바 hypnotist Peter O’Dell, MA guides you through several tranceexperiences. You will experience and be able to identify light trance, medium

trance, and deep trance. And, you will be given the tools to hypnotize your
friends and family. Among other things, you will be given several different
hypnotic inductions, hypnosis deepeners and bring out scripts.

You will learn how to construct and deliver hypnotic suggestions to get
whatever results you want.

And you will learn self-hypnosis. Imagine being able to calm yourself
immediately in the most stressful of circumstances. You will learn to drop
instantly into a deep trance state and bring yourself out at after a specific
amount of time. Give yourself suggestions to transform your life.

You will learn all this and more in five sessions.

Here’s Peter’s story about the first time he
hypnotized anyone: I had been doing self-hypnosis since high school,
although I may not have quite understood that this is what I was doing. I just
called it relaxing my mind.

Anyway, my wife and I were working for the same
company and commuting together. One evening as I was driving home in rush-hour
traffic at 70 MPH, she was bitching about her day. And she was not calming down.

So, I just started saying out loud to her the
words that I had been using on myself for all those years. After a few minutes
of “doing an induction” off the top of my head, I glanced over to see that her
head was slumped over onto her chest. Wow!!!

I kept talking to her about how relaxed she was
and how none of “that stuff” mattered. And then I “counted her out” like I had
done for myself so many times. Her energy was transformed. She was calm, and her
voice had a relaxed tone to it when she said, “Wow, how did you know how to do

That gave me the courage and inspiration to start
looking for some formal training in hypnosis. It was not easy to find in those
days. But I was persistent and expense be damned. I knew this was something that
I just had to know more about.

Family and friends started asking me to hypnotize
them—Wow! I went from “nerd” to life-of-the-party over night!

Now, I have been hypnotizing people professionally
for over 27 years. And I can’t think of anything more fun to do with another

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