Be The Shaman

Spend A Few Evenings Out Of This World

Change Your Life

Everything you “know” is 밤 알바 wrong. Physicists are now proving that our perception
of the “real world” is simply flat out wrong. Down throughout the ages, the
Shamans and wise men kept telling us that this world is an illusion and what we
call hallucinations are the real world. Now the scientific evidence is mounting
to prove the old wise ones right.

But why settle for “scientific evidence?” Why settle for the words of others?
Why not experience this yourself? You do not need exotic (and mostly illegal)
drugs to induce an altered state of consciousness that will take you to these
other realms. You can and will experience them directly. It will change you
forever. You will meet your soul.

Anyone willing to go into trance (hypnosis) and follow a few simple instructions
can communicate with these other realms. The process is simple and easy, but the
results are often profound. It will change your life in ways you can only

Each of the four sessions consists of a short lecture followed by a hypnosis
session. These are experiential, exploration sessions. You will be guided into
other realms. And it is the sort of thing you may want to repeat–the more you
repeat these exercises, the more powerful they become.

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package now.  Over 5 hours of recorded training in MP3s.