Master NLP

Peter O’Dell’s

Street-Smart NLP Master Practitioner Training

Now that you have your feet 고페이알바 wet, isn’t it time to UNLEASH the REAL POWER of NLP? When you JOIN US in the Street Smart NLP Master Practitioner Training, here is a small portion of what you will get:

v     Advanced Timeline Techniques: The real power of timeline is the ability to do INSTANT regressions and INSTANT reprogramming. Peter O’Dell has studied extensively with Dick Sutphen, regression pioneer, and thus is able to combine the depth of Sutphen’s techniques with the speed of timeline. In a couple of hours, you will totally reprogram your subconscious databases in ways that you never imagined before! These techniques give you TOTAL POWER over your past—all of your past!

v     Advanced Parts Techniques: You’ve experienced the power of the Visual Squash to almost instantly resolve internal conflicts. Now, learn ways to amplify that integration so that you resolve a dozen—or hundred—or thousand conflicts—conflicts that you didn’t even know where blocking you. You set in motion a process that runs automatically and restores balance to your very soul.

v     Advanced Language Patterns Of Persuasion: Your words have power over others (as well as yourself). Learn to use that power with the precision of a skilled surgeon.  Covertly lead anyone anywhere you want to go.

v     Advanced Goal Setting And Goal Getting Techniques: Know where you are going, how to get there, how to stay motivated. It is that simple!

v     Advanced Anchoring Techniques: Anchors have incredible power when done out of normal awareness. Learn to covertly set anchors that allow you to totally control the internal experience of others. This is not your grandmother’s anchoring.

v     Advanced Rapport Techniques: Rapport may be the most powerful process to ever come out of NLP. Take rapport to a new level, a multidimensional level of mind.

v     NLP And Accelerated Learning: In the 1960s, experts said we used less than 10% of our brain power. Later, they revised that figure down to 4%. Now the best guess is that we are using less than 1% of our brain power.  After taking the Street Smart Masters program, you will automatically be using substantially more of your God-given abilities. The sky is the limit. Leave the competition in the dust! By the way, if you want to be left in the dust, that is easy—just stay home!

v     Advanced Modeling Techniques: Experience has a structure. Learn to extract that structure, and you can literally do anything that anyone else can. Never again waste time and effort reinventing the wheel! You will automatically find yourself standing on the shoulders of giants.

v     And More Advanced Techniques: This program covers a wide range of advanced topics. For instance, why do powerful techniques like Fast Phobia Cure sometime fail? In 90% or more of these failures, there is one simple cause. Learn to spot it and eliminate it for virtual 100% success. This is just a small sampling of what is covered.

This program is not available anywhere else. Some of the material, such as “Sleight of Mouth” language patterns, is taught in most NLP Master Practitioner Trainings. But most of program, 70% or more, is taught nowhere else!

We are talking about RESULTS, real results. If it is something that you are working on for yourself, RESULTS means achieving your own GOAL. If you are working with a client, RESULTS means the client achieves his GOAL. Once you know this technique (and use it), anytime you MAKE A DECISION on a new goal, you will AUTOMATICALLY achieve it. RESULTS, not some “feel good” crap.

All the techniques in the program are going to work when you go home because we use all of them—on ourselves, on our clients. There is no academic mumbo-jumbo, no pie-in-the-sky theory.  This is the most advanced Street-Smart NLP Training that you will find anywhere!

Warning: When you finish Peter O’Dell’s Street Smart NLP Master Practitioner Training, you will automatically have power over yourself and those around you. Ultimately, it is your responsibility to use that power wisely and ethically. We reserve the right to refuse admittance to anyone that we feel lacks the maturity to handle this power in a civilized manner.

Please note: Because of fundamental nature of these processes, certain “spiritual” concepts naturally arise. In that sense, there is a spiritual or metaphysical tone to this program. Rest assured, though, this program is grounded to the day-to-day trench warfare of this world.

If you already have a Master NLP Certification from NFNLP (live training or tape),  you can take this training for only $995. That is one-third off the regular price! We guarantee that there will be at least 70% new material in this training—that is 70% material that you cannot get anywhere else!

Investment $1495