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Internal Conflict–Rapid Parts Resolution

Past Life Therapy – Rapid Resolution

Mending The Broken Heart

Sleep Naturally

Street Smart Hypnosis Weight Loss

NLP FUNDaMENTALs This is an introductory course on NLP that is FUN. But it is not just some fluffy thing. It could even help you make some FUNDs. FUN & FUNDS & NLP. And it is all about making better use of your mind—your “mental” life. So, it is NLP FUNDaMENTALs.

There are four hours of solid teaching. After a very brief overview and history of NLP, Peter teaches you a technique to instantly erase the emotion off bad memories. Then he gives you a set of questions that will allow you to clearly define any problem (and be on the way to a solution) in under 10 minutes. One whole session is devoted to anchoring. Learn why you do “knee-jerk-response” things and how to fix them. Another session is devoted to how your brain codes information and gives it meaning—change the code, change the meaning. The final session is devoted to two techniques for rapidly (in minutes!) learning to do something (practically anything) that you have never done before. Once you have mastered these simple techniques, you can “stand on the shoulders” of your heroes, do what they have done, and then go beyond them and do even more!

Erase Bad Emotions
Define And Resolve Problems In Minutes
The Basics Of Anchoring (Stimulus Response)
Change Your Brain’s Code For A Better Life
Learn New Skills Almost Instantly

It is all in four hours of lively, fun training. And there are handouts that help guide you through the steps of these processes whether you are doing them to yourself or for someone else.

You get all four hours of this training plus you get these Bonus items added in at no extra charge:

Bonus 1– Hypnosis Defined is a PDF of definitions, comments and observations on the hypnotic process.

Bonus 2 – Anger Management With Pets. MP3 recording of a talk Peter made before a parrot club in FL. The techniques he mentions can be used with virtually any pet, and the anger control works in all situations where anger is present. (Handouts are the eye movement PDFs from the class.)

Bonus 3 – Sleep Naturally. MP3 recording designed to help you get to sleep any time, any place. Should be used with headphones or ear buds. $99.

“Internal Conflict — Rapid Parts Resolution!”

I love NLP and what it has done for me. But loving something does not mean ignoring its inherent weaknesses. One aspect of NLP that always bothered me was “parts” work. When I first got involved, an internal conflict was resolved with The Visual Squash. Done in the classic format, that can take well over 30 minutes. And it is boring as hell. Just sitting there watching your client’s hands move in that jerky fashion. But it works, and I did it until something better came along.

Something better was still the same process, but using hypnotic language patterns to accelerate the “squash.” Finally, somebody came up with the idea of using sliding anchors. Now, instead of 30 minutes, it is only maybe 5 to 7.

But you still have to play “Philadelphia Lawyer” with the parts. And some parts do not like that! Imagine! Some parts just do not want to cooperate, no matter how much you suck up to them. Of course, if you have a couple of hours, you can always do Core Transformation. That always seems to work, but I’m not very patient. My bad.

So, I kept experimenting with clients trying to find a faster, easier way do resolve parts problems, even with the shy or uncooperative part. Finally, I stumbled across a process using the client’s timeline that speeds things up dramatically. And the part does not have to do anything, or cooperate or whatever. The whole process is controlled by the client. At the end, the part is dramatically changed.

My first target after working with my own parts, was smokers. In two minutes or less, the part that has just been dying for a smoke is totally turned around and telling the client to give it up now! I do not know what the limitations are on this process, because I have not found a parts issue where it does not work.

So, do you have any internal conflicts that are blocking you? Ever feel like you are shooting yourself in the foot? Is it time to clean up the mess inside?

It seems to me that there might be some other hypnotists/NLPers/therapy types that would be interested in learning to do this process, too. So, I decided to offer a training to the public. If the economy were better, I probably would not consider teaching this process to anyone for less than $500, which is what I charge for my stop smoking. But everyone is hurting now, so I figure it is time to take a different approach.

I did a tele-class on Mar 5, and a lot of people learned the technique. That class was recorded, and now it is available for purchase on a CD. Please note: because it is a conference call recording, the audio is good and fully understandable, but it is not “studio quality.”

A couple of weeks later, I did a live training where I took the concept to a much deeper level. Both of those classes are included in the download. It is close to 3 hours of material.

Downloadable for only $40

Past Life Therapy – Rapid Resolution
I experienced my first regression in 1985. In those days, you could not easily find someone doing this work. In fact, the person guiding me through that regression really did not know what she was doing, other than reading from a script. I was dealing with “heavy duty” issues and spontaneously went into what the classical hypnotists call an abreaction.
It is a long story, and I will not bore you with the details. Suffice it to say I flipped from a traumatic death in my last life to an even more traumatic birth in this one. (My parents could never figure out why I hated doctors with a passion when I was a small child!) This regression went on for quite some time, and then I came out of it. I did not have a psychotic break or nervous break down or any of that stuff that the “nervous nellies” are always warning you about. I did go through about a half-box of tissues cleaning up the mess I had made.
What I got was some relief. But the issues still hung over me. The intensity was lower, but nothing had been fixed. I continued working on this as best I could with the tools that I had (mostly standard hypnosis techniques). In 1993, I trained with Dick Sutphen. He had some tools in his tool box that helped break up the log jam. But the underlying issues remained. Then, in 1995, I took my first NLP training. Bingo. Jackpot. In the next several months I cleaned up more “PL crap” than in the whole 10 years since that first regression.
Those of you who know me know that I like getting things done fast and thorough. I’ve continued to refine the NLP techniques that worked so well for me. And I have searched for new, faster techniques. And, experimenting on myself and anyone else who “got too close” to me, I have created new, faster techniques.
I present everything that I know about getting rapid results from PL Therapy in a new four-part recording of a Tele-Class. I talk about these techniques and then guide you through them. (Obviously, you can participate and clean up your own issues, or you can just listen and learn how to do it with clients.)
We investigate a new means to rapidly explore past life energies and release negative energies affecting the current life. We access the PL energies through timeline techniques. We also use timeline techniques to release the negative energies stored in the timelines and other “places.”
Finally, we look for useful skills and talents from the past and bring them into this life to use now.
The class is on four MP3 recordings  from the teleclass in May of 2009.

Bonus: A traditional hypnotic past life regression session is included, so you can compare that process with using your timeline.

The whole package for only $99

Mending The Broken Heart
Mending the broken heart in four parts. This is a participation program that you can use for yourself or for your clients (there’s no shortage). If you are a hypnotist, coach or some sort of therapist, here is a great new source of income. If you yourself have a broken heart, here is your chance to mend it.

Broken hearts have to do with disappointments in love and relationships. But love is mystical. It just happens, right? Wrong! It is a decision that you make at a subconscious level. Destiny doesn’t have much to do with it, either. Love and its after affects can be changed just like any other emotion.

What is the source of your emotions—the conscious or the subconscious mind? Think back to a time when you fell in love. Did you wake up on a Tuesday morning and say to yourself, “I’m going to go out and find somebody to fall in love with today. Let’s see, I’ve tried jerks and losers already. What about a slob? Yep, that’s it. I’m going to go find a slob and fall in love with them today.” Is that how it happened? I don’t think so. It was sort of magical, wasn’t it? And it seemed to just happen—maybe very quickly or maybe it took a while. And it seemed—dare I say it—”automatic,” didn’t it? That is because the process of falling in love is carried out in the subconscious mind. And almost everyone believes that they have little control over their emotions, because they are not aware of the process that creates them.

But the more you understand that it is a process, albeit a subconscious one, then the more you realize that you can change it. And there is more to it, too, that can be used for an instrument of rapid change.

I’ll be showing you how to use hypnosis and NLP techniques to rapidly change how you (your client) feels. If you are doing hypnosis as a business, this is a new stream of income–with a little advertising and practice, it can become a flood.

Four sessions (1 hour +)

Downloadable for only $99

Sleep Naturally

Just for people with sleep problems. What would it be like to sleep through the night without taking any dangerous drugs or drinking too much or whatever chemical approach you have to insomnia now? Or maybe you travel and jet lag has your system all screwed up? Just load this 35-minute file into your mp3 player, put on the ear buds, and full night of natural, chemical-free sleep awaits you.

Downloadable for only $20

Street Smart Hypnosis Weight Loss

Our 6-CD weight loss program is now available as a download. Click here for description: Hypnosis Weight Loss CDs, Save $30 off the cost of the CD program, and avoid S/H Charges! Isn’t it time for you to start thinking about your health?

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