Basic NLP

“How Can You Change Your Whole Life In An Instant?”

Sounds like magic? Sounds impossible? It may sound like a lot of things, but with Peter O’Dell’s Street Smart NLP we know it is true.

What Is In The NLP Tool Box?

You get eight (8) separate 남자 밤 일자리 step-by-step tools to erase negative emotions off memories, no matter how old or how new. With eight new tools in your toolbox, you will be able to wipe out any bad memory. It is the emotion you have attached to the memories that drives you crazy—not the memories themselves. All that stuff is stored in your subconscious, and it runs automatically, unless you stop it. Trouble is, most people do not know how to stop it. NLP shows you how to STOP it—instantly!
You get a tool that will easily wipe out negative patterns in your life. You know, where you say to yourself, “I don’t know why I keep Xing.” Or maybe it is, “Why do I keep hooking up with the same guy/gal—just a different face each time.” This tool creates order out of chaos. You can wipe out lifetime repeating patterns in 15 minutes or less. How will your life be different after you rid yourself of those destructive repeating patterns?
You get a simple to use tool to resolve those internal conflicts. You know, “part of me wants to X, but another part wants to Y.” You feel like you are stuck in cement with those conflicts raging inside. How much energy are you wasting fighting these internal battles?
Another tool lets you learn to do anything that anyone else does in a few minutes. Maybe you are taking skiing lessons. There is a turn you cannot make when you get on the lift at the bottom of the mountain. You do this process riding up the lift. When you get off at the top of the mountain, suddenly you are able to make the turn. It works that fast.
You may not realize it yet, but your subconscious takes one idea or thought and builds whole parts of your life around it. Sometimes the thoughts are good ones, and you have a happy life. But sometimes the organizing thoughts are bad or faulty. That leads you to all sorts of beliefs and behavior that really make no sense. Now here is the kicker: your subconscious chose most of the “organizing” thoughts when you were very young—say six-months or two-years old. Virtually all of them came before you were seven. Why would anyone intentionally let a two-year old run your life????
Well, with another tool, you can communicate directly with your subconscious and have it tell you what the organizing idea is and what memory it is attached to. Go to that memory, erase the negative energy, and suddenly that idea loses all its power over you. Change the organizing idea—that changes your life instantly.
Our training programs center around Street-Smart NLP tools and attitudes. Because much of our attention is focused on the subconscious mind, the new skills you learn stay with you permanently. You will learn techniques and procedures that get instant results in the real world.

In the past, things like rapport were thought of as conditions that sometimes just happened and were beyond your control. When you study NLP with us, you learn to think of rapport (and pretty much everything else) as different processes. What this means is simply this: because a process is a repeatable set of steps, you will learn to create desired responses in yourself and those that you interact with. In other words, this approach gives you a pathway to excellence. Another reason it is so powerful is this: because most of the communication is with the subconscious, the conscious mind cannot resist it.
NLP is about personal excellence. Ask yourself this: how can I become better, more effective, more efficient, more successful, etc. in what I am doing? Many programs encourage you to produce excellence, but NLP teaches you to reproduce it! In other words, you don’t have to go out and reinvent the wheel to become good at something.
Gaining deep rapport with anyone, anywhere, any time is just one small aspect of what is covered in the training. The scope of NLP is broad, essentially unlimited. This means that these skills can be used in almost any setting. How can I be a better salesperson, nurse, mail carrier, astronaut, therapist, manager, or whatever.
In addition to NLP certification courses, we offer custom programs for businesses that are tailored to your schedule and budget.

Here is what you get!

NLP Certification through NFNLP—recognized by the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH), International Association of Counselors and Therapists (IACT), and other progressive groups.

A Complete Manual with all the popular NLP techniques and lots of reference material. No pie-in-the-sky theories, just the stuff that works day-to-day “in the trenches.”

32 CEU’s The class is worth 32 CEUs with both NGH and IACT.

FREE A two-hour one-on-one office visit with me to work on your problems, your marketing, your direction in life—whatever! It is your two hours! That is a $400 value.

There’s More We now have a monthly Graduate Meeting open only to “grads.” You can come to every meeting, or just when you want to. Wide ranging topics—just a token monthly charge (currently $20) for those months you attend. Value: Potentially priceless!

Investment: $1495