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I was going through the stuff of a ham friend who passed away recently. His wife said that he could never master Morse code, then pointed to a CD from your website that he used to finally become code literate.–‘Eric Guth, 4Z1UG, QSO Today Podcast


CW Mental Block Buster III

If you can follow simple instructions (any 5 year old kid can do that), you can learn to do code. The only requirement is a willingness to cooperate with the 업소 구인구직 process. Our CW Mental Block Buster III is for anyone who has tried to learn the code or improve their speed, but somehow feels that he (or she) has failed. And it for those people who think that they might have trouble learning the code.
In the first tape of this series, we teach you how to think about learning the code using the latest techniques from the science of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). We also teach you how easy and effortless it is to enter into a deep trance state, ideal for learning. If you do not want to change your way of thinking, if you do not want to learn to be more positive in life, if you do not want to improve your code speed, do not listen to this tape! Just listening to it will change the way you think about learning! Not only will your code speed improve dramatically, but you may change your life. If you can day-dream, and everyone can, you can learn Morse code.

The second tape in the series includes a powerful exercise that induces a deep trance state in a matter of minutes. This tape teaches you to hear the code the way it should be heard (as sound patterns) and to copy it the way it should be copied. The CW Mental Block Buster III booklet explains in detail how to use the tape to its best advantage. But there is more. It talks to you about inhibitions that you might have. It shows you what to expect. You get a feel for what a session is like and what a deep trance feels like. It shows you how to have a successful “on the air” contact.

Who Should Order CW Mental Block Buster III?

  • Hams who want to excel at code
  • People who are stuck
  • People who are not sure if they can go into trance easily
  • People who have no hypnosis background
  • People who are excessively logical
  • People who learned to count dots and dashes using the old methods

CW Mental BlockBuster III $29.95

CW Lite

Never tried to learn code? No preconceived ideas that code is hard? If you already know how to go in and out of trance, then CW Lite may be all that you need. Or you can use it in conjunction with the Block Buster program. CW Lite uses a traditional “progressive relaxation” induction to induce trance, for those that want a deep physical relaxation as they learn CW. Just close your eyes and follow the instructions on the tape. You’ll be led to a deeply relaxed state where learning is enhanced. There you will learn the Morse code alphabet the way it should be learned: hearing the sound of the character. No counting dots and dashes! No analyzing! You will be hypnotically conditioned to hear each character as if it had been spoken to you. Subliminal statements are scientifically blended into the background. These are statements that cannot be consciously discerned from the background. These statements bypass the critical thinking of the conscious mind and go directly to the subconscious. When the tape finishes, you may feel like you’ve had the equivalent of a full-night’s sleep. CW Lite is the perfect way to learn the code.(Using this tape presupposes that you have experienced formal hypnosis enough times to easily enter trance states. If not, we suggest you start with our CW Mental Blockbuster III program. CW Lite can be used in conjunction with it.)

Who Should Order CW Lite?

  • People who have never tried to learn code any other way
  • Hams who want to excel at code
  • People who know that they enter trance easily and effortlessly
  • People who are using CW Mental Block Buster II

CW Lite  $17.95

Contest Code (High Speed and Ultra High)

Once you’ve learned the secrets of Block Buster III, Contest Code is your ticket to CW DXing and Contesting. This powerful series of hypnosis tapes teaches you to copy the essentials for working DX and contests. You focus on the characters and skills you need to successfully operate a contest. You will be conditioned to recognize the code characters at speeds much higher than you will find on any other series of tapes. Learn to hear the characters at these higher speeds; the slower speeds you will hear on the air will seem like child’s play. Subliminals speed you along. High Speed features code conditioning at 30 and 40 WPM, but Ultra High teaches you code at 50 and 60 WPM. Most DXers and contesters seem to operate at speeds ranging from 25 to 45 WPM. High Speed gets you in the ball game. Ultra High gives you that extra margin you need for those tough ones. (Using this tape presupposes that you have experienced formal hypnosis enough times to easily enter trance states. If not, we suggest you start with our CW Mental Blockbuster III program. Contest Code can be used in conjunction with it.)

Who Should Order Contest Code?

  • Hams who want to get away from the mess on the phone bands
  • Hams who want to do contests
  • Hams who want to work rare DX
  • Hams who want increase their code speed rapidly and easily
  • Hams who want to be on top
  • People who go into trance easily and effortlessly
  • People who are using CW Mental Block Buster III

Each Program Has One CD and Instructions–$17.95

Contest Code High Speed $17.95

Contest Code Ultra High Speed $17.95

HypnoTheory II

Newly Revised! Having trouble with the theory portion of the test? We’ve received many, many requests for a tape series that does for theory what CW Mental Block Buster II does for code. Here it is. Using hypnosis, you will achieve better concentration and improved memory as you prepare. You will learn to visualize (mental movies or controlled daydreams) seeing only the right answer on the exam. You will tap the potential deep within you to do your best.Abooklet helps you explode false beliefs about your ability. (Does not cover theory questions.)

Who Should Order HypnoTheory II?

  • People who will take an exam soon (can be used for any multiple choice test)
  • People who were told that they are not technically inclined
  • Hams who want to upgrade easily
  • Hams who want to be on top
  • People who have no hypnosis background

HypnoTheory $29.95

Which One Is For You?

We recommend starting with CW Mental Block Buster III. It is your main weapon in the battle to explode those ideas blocking your success. It will also improve your ability to respond to our other tapes. It is your first step toward becoming a real ham. Contest Code is for those who want to move up to the big time of CW operation. Of course, if theory is a problem for you, you will want to order our innovative HypnoTheory II. (For those working on both theory and CW, we recommend that you work on them one at a time. Focus on CW or theory, pass that part of the exam, and come back later for the other part. You don’t have to do it this way, but it is easier.)

Package Programs–Your Best Bet!

Code Lovers Package–Good Deal

CW Mental BlockBuster III, High & Ultra Contest Code

Code Lovers Package (BlockBuster, Contest High, Contest Ultra) $57.

Code Master Package–Better Deal

Code Masters Package (Blockbuster, Contest High, Contest Ultra, CW Lite) $67.95

Whole Enchalada–Best Deal

The Whole Enchalada (Blockbuster, Contest High, Contest Ultra, CW Lite, HypnoTheory) $91.