Past Life Therapy

Past Life Therapy – Rapid Resolution

I experienced my first 룸알바 regression in 1985. In those days, you could not easily find someone doing this work. In fact, the person guiding me through that regression really did not know what she was doing, other than reading from a script. I was dealing with “heavy duty” issues and spontaneously went into what the classical hypnotists call an abreaction.

It is a long story, and I will not bore you with the details. Suffice it to say I flipped from a traumatic death in my last life to an even more traumatic birth in this one. (My parents could never figure out why I hated doctors with a passion when I was a small child!) This regression went on for quite some time, and then I came out of it. I did not have a psychotic break or nervous break down or any of that stuff that the “nervous nellies” are always warning you about. I did go through about a half-box of tissues cleaning up the mess I had made.

What I got was some relief. But the issues still hung over me. The intensity was lower, but nothing had been fixed. I continued working on this as best I could with the tools that I had (mostly standard hypnosis techniques). In 1993, I trained with Dick Sutphen. He had some tools in his tool box that helped break up the log jam. But the underlying issues remained. Then, in 1995, I took my first NLP training. Bingo. Jackpot. In the next several months I cleaned up more “PL crap” than in the whole 10 years since that first regression.

Those of you who know me know that I like getting things done fast and thorough. I’ve continued to refine the NLP techniques that worked so well for me. And I have searched for new, faster techniques. And, experimenting on myself and anyone else who “got too close” to me, I have created new, faster techniques.

I  present everything that I know about getting rapid results from PL Therapy in a new four-part Tele-Class. I talk about these techniques and then guide you through them. (Obviously, you can participate and clean up your own issues, or you can just listen and learn how to do it with clients.)

Hi Everyone,
A few months ago I participated in one of Peter O’Dells teleseminars and it was a great learning experience.
I’m looking forward to this one!
Wendy Merron, C.Ht, CI
Certified NGH Instructor
Devon, PA

We will be investigating a new means to rapidly explore past life energies and release negative energies affecting the current life. We will access the PL energies through timeline techniques. We will also be using timeline techniques to release the negative energies stored in the timelines and other “places.”

Finally, we look for useful skills and talents from the past and bring them into this life to use now.

The class is on four CDs recorded from the teleclass in May of 2009.

Regular price is $495, but these are not regular times. Your investment is ONLY $99.95 for all four sessions—less than $25 per session! Click here to ORDER NOW.