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“Get Started With NLP”

Peter O’Dell’s Street Smart NLP

NEW! Basic NLP 여성알바 구인구직 Class On Single Disc: The entire class is contained on one (1) CD. There’s approximately 15 hours of MP3 recordings and a 117-page manual in PDF format. This means that you can easily put the whole class on your MP3 player (iPod or other) and learn NLP while working out, walking the dog or whatever. And the full manual is there for you to use. Read it on line, print the pages you are working with, or print the whole thing! You have total flexibility when using this approach. Normally, the same material in the 12-CD format with the printed manual sells for $700 (see below).  Right now, you can buy it on a single CD in the MP3/PDF form for only $249.  And you get your choice of bonus disc from one of three of our recorded special classes (Hypnosis Introduction, End Troubled Love, or Be The Shaman–about 5 hours each). Click the icon below to purchase and check out through Paypal (you do not have to have a Paypal account, just an ordinary credit card). Only $349.

NLP Gold Apprentice Academy This program is restricted to serious students who want to learn the deep secrets of NLP and hypnosis and use them in the real world. If you are admitted, you will spend four days with Peter one-on-one, with a follow-up coaching program of one hour each month for 12 months. NLP certification is included. 2012 price for this program is $5995.   (Call office to apply.)

Street SmartNLP
Basic Practitioner Training
The best way to learn NLP and get certified.
Five intense days. Practice as you learn.
Class conducted in Port St. Lucie.
Oct. 4, 5, 11, 12  2014

(2 consecutive weekends)
10 – 6 each day
You Will Receive:

* Certification as a Basic NLP Practitioner (through NFNLP)
* A Complete 100-page manual with step-by-step instructions for each technique
* Free E-mail Consultation forever
* Five Fun-Filled Days of Life-Changing Instruction and Practice (10 – 6)
* Free Follow-Up Session ($400 value)

Regularly $1495
Sign up & Pay before October 1 — $750

Class On CDs The next best way to learn NLP. Only $700+ s/h/t. This is the entire class on 12 CDs (approximately 15 hours or recordings)  and manual. Learn while you drive or do your chores. Practice on your friends, relatives and clients. Certification upon demonstration of skills and registration fee.

NLP FUNDaMENTALs is an introductory course on NLP that is FUN. But it is not just some fluffy thing. It could even help you make some FUNDs. FUN & FUNDS & NLP. And it is all about making better use of your mind—your “mental” life. So, it is NLP FUNDaMENTALs.

There are over four full hours of solid teaching on a single CD (MP3 files). After a very brief overview and history of NLP, Peter teaches you a technique to instantly erase the emotion off bad memories. Then he gives you a set of questions that will allow you to clearly define any problem (and be on the way to a solution) in under 10 minutes. One whole session is devoted to anchoring. Learn why you do “knee-jerk-response” things and how to fix them. Another session is devoted to how your brain codes information and gives it meaning—change the code, change the meaning. The final session is devoted to two techniques for rapidly (in minutes!) learning to do something (practically anything) that you have never done before. Once you have mastered these simple techniques, you can “stand on the shoulders” of your heroes, do what they have done, and then go beyond them and do even more!

Erase Bad Emotions
Define And Resolve Problems In Minutes
The Basics Of Anchoring (Stimulus Response)
Change Your Brain’s Code For A Better Life
Learn New Skills Almost Instantly

It is all in four hours of lively, fun training. And there are handouts in PDF that help guide you through the steps of these processes whether you are doing them to yourself or for someone else.

NLP FUN-DA-MENTALS CD — 1 CD shipped to you.  Only $99.95 + s/h/t. Bonus sessions not included.

Save Shipping & Handling Charges. Get immediate access with download version. Plus get extra bonuses.

You get all four hours of this training plus you get these Bonus items added in at no extra charge:

Bonus 1– Hypnosis Defined is a PDF of definitions, comments and observations on the hypnotic process.

Bonus 2 – Anger Management With Pets. MP3 recording of a talk Peter made before a parrot club in FL. The techniques he mentions can be used with virtually any pet, and the anger control works in all situations where anger is present. (Handouts are the eye movement PDFs from the class.)

Bonus 3 – Sleep Naturally. MP3 recording designed to help you get to sleep any time, any place. Should be used with headphones or ear buds.


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