Success Coaching

What do you want out of life?

How are you going to get it?

Success 셔츠룸 구인 Coaching goes hand in hand with hypnosis. What are your short-term goals? Medium-term goals? Long-term goals? If you can rattle that information off in a way that your subconscious will respond positively, then you don’t need much in coaching at all. Maybe all that you need is a professionally prepared hypnosis CD that incorporates this information. We can do that for you quite inexpensively.

But what if you need more? Is it easier for you to tell me what you do NOT want than it is to tell me what you do want? You can tell me all the things that are wrong but struggle putting your finger on what specifically to change? You have no idea how to get started. You feel stuck? We have “WD-40 For Your Brain” programs that will get you unstuck and moving right along toward your goal.

Success Coaching Packages By Phone

And then, there are some people who need one-on-one contact. You are just not comfortable leaving such important matters to  email. We have a program for that, too. We have packages of five, ten and 30 sessions. Most sessions are an hour long and are spaced at about one-week intervals.

Success Coaching Packages For The DIYer

Silver:  Two e-mail consultations on your list of wants and CD with deep hypnosis session (approx 25 minutes) using your finalized suggestions and second track of approx 25 minutes just the suggestions and music repeated over and over. $99

Gold: All of silver, plus unlimited e-mail support and two 20 minute telephone consultations. We show you how to generate your list of wants from your list of don’t wants. Follow-up CD after two months of using initial CD. $299

Platinum:  All of Silver and Gold, plus one full day (8 hours) with Master Hypnotist Peter O’Dell at his FL office (travel, lodging, board not included). Additional CD prepared based on one-on-one sessions. $999