Waking Up From The Illusion

In the original Star Trek series, Kirk and crew beam down to a planet. Strange things begin to happen (as always in Star Trek). Anything a person thinks of suddenly appears. Good, bad, frightening, whatever. Eventually, they find out it is a super advanced recreation park. Nothing is real. Thoughts are simply manifested for recreation.

We share one thing (at least) in common with that planet–nothing is “real.” Not in the Newtonian sense of the word, anyway. In 1904 Max Planck and his buddies begat the discipline that has come to be known as Quantum Physics or Sub-Atomic Physics. Later on Planck got the Nobel prize for physics. Not exactly a slacker.

In his most famous speech, Planck made this blunt statement: “There is no such thing as matter.” What he was telling the world is that what we perceive as “things” is really just a field of energy that is modulated with intelligence. All this and more has been proven in physics labs over and over again.

Newtonian physics is the physics of the illusion. But what is taught in high schools and colleges around our globe? Newtonian physics. I think that has contributed to us being stuck in a world  view that was appropriate 120 years ago.

So, if it is not real, why do we continue to put some much effort into maintaining the illusion. Why do we attach so much importance to it? If what we experience today is not real, then what we experienced as children is not real either. As a species we tend to let our childhood dominate our adult lives. Why?

One reason is the emotion that is attached to our stored memories. No one has ever shown us how to get rid of the emotions. If they are bad emotions, it is to your mind what never taking the garbage out would be to your kitchen!

NLP offers tools to get rid of the emotions that haunt you. In my Basic NLP course, I teach you eight separate tools to help you rid yourself of garbage emotions. (http://success-is-easy.com/nlp-courses/getting-started/)

Isn’t it time to clean the crap out of your mind? None of it is real, anyway. Lighten up!

NLP Training Gets Easier & Cheaper

When I first became aware of NLP, the training was incredibly  expensive and ridiculously time consuming.  A typical training might have cost $4000 or more and lasted for over a month. Even if you could afford the price, who could take that much time away from daily life?

Things have advanced considerably since then. By 1995, “young turks” in the NLP world had figured out that you could teach the same material in four days (very intense, boot camp experience). With that advance, down came the price to something reasonable (under $1000), and the time away would not “kill” you.

Technology keeps moving forward. We are now offering complete recordings of the four-day boot camp class (approximately 15 hours of digitally recorded audio) and the manual on a single CD. The recordings are in standard MP3 format and the manual is a PDF.  And the total investment is only $249 for the whole package. (Through Dec 31, it is only $199!)

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