NLP Presuppositions

Assumptions – Without assumptions or presuppositions, the world would seem like an overwhelming place. For instance, we would have to learn everything all over each day.

So, we’ve all learned to make assumptions about the world that we live in. These assumptions can either empower us, or unexamined they might even destroy you, if they are negative and limiting.

We think that you should know what our assumptions are before you call and make an appointment to come into our office.

Here are the assumptions that we operate from in the Success Easy NLP Hypnosis Center Office in Boca Raton, Florida:

1. Communication is redundant. We are always communicating.

2. People are not defective. Although some behaviors may not be very useful.

3. People already have most of the resources that they need.

4. Anything can be accomplished if we break it down into small enough pieces.

5. There is no failure, only feedback.

6. The meaning of the communication is the response that you get.

7. People respond to their own internal “map” of reality, not to reality itself.

8. People always make the best choice available to them.

9. Every behavior is useful in some context.

10. Experience has a structure.

11. The element in a system with the most flexibility will be the controlling element.

Take a look at numbers 2, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 9. Those assumptions taken together dictate that you will have an entirely different experience when you come into our office than anything you’ve had before.

  • You are not broken.
  • You are not defective.
  • You have not failed.
  • There is no judgment on you.

But that doesn’t mean that your life is perfect.

These Assumptions mean that you will be amazed and delighted to find out how quickly you can change certain things in your life.

When you come into our office, you will learn new and effective ways to solve your problems. And that learning is rapid, because that is how you learn. That’s why you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams when you come into our office, no matter how much time and money you’ve wasted on “therapies” and techniques that wanted you to focus on “your problem” and “your inadequacies. ”

When you come into our office, you won’t have a problem. When you come into our office, you won’t be defective. But you may have some behaviors that are not very useful. And we can show you how to change your behaviors rapidly, easily, effortlessly! That’s why your life will change so quickly when you come into our office!

Metaphysical Assumptions

We also operate under two additional assumptions that add a metaphysical or spiritual dimension to our services and trainings.

12. Life is continuous. (You have a soul that survives after death of the physical body.)

13. One of the purposes of life is to gain wisdom (learnings) through direct experiences.