NLP Is Different

NLP has a different focus than anything else you have seen before. NLP will focus on the structure of a memory rather than the content, which is much easier to change. NLP will focus on the discrete steps of a mental process instead of simply labeling it as a “condition.”

NLP will focus on the context in which a behavior occurs rather than attempting to logically analyze the “condition.” Have you met someone who has been in therapy for years and can analyze their problems for hours-but they still have their problems-all of them! Structure, process and context can all be changed rapidly. Change is rapid. Also, that is why an NLP practitioner has little interest in hearing the content of your memories (what most people would call their “dirty laundry”).

NLP is an integration of several disciplines including neurology, psychology, linguistics, cybernetics and systems theory. You can think of it as a blend of cognitive and behavioral psychology. But NLP is much more than ordinary psychological theory and jargon. NLP is MUCH, MUCH MORE!

The founders of NLP simply extracted the small percentage of psychological theory and technique that actually works. In fact, the number one criteria for inclusion of theory or technique in NLP is, “Does it work in real life?” Ideas and techniques that cannot meet this criteria are left for the academicians to debate.