How Hypnosis Works

Your mind consists of two major parts: the conscious and the unconscious (sometimes called the subconscious). Although most people believe that they are in control of their lives, it is the unconscious mind that actually rules. You can think of the unconscious mind as a kind of computer. If you have a “program” running, it will continue to run until changed or replaced. When the conscious and unconscious minds are in conflict, the unconscious will win every time. In such cases, you may feel like you are on a battlefield with no place to hide. Hypnosis works directly on the unconscious mind.

At Success Easy we help you bring your unconscious into agreement with your conscious wishes and desires. That is why hypnosis brings about change that is permanent. Willpower has no affect on the unconscious. That is why so many people fail at losing weight and stopping smoking with other approaches. Hypnosis succeeds because we work directly on your unconscious.