What Are Hypnosis CDs?

If you’ve never used a meditation or hypnosis CD, you are in for a treat. Success Easy hypnosis CDs gently carry you to a deeply relaxed mental state that is ideal for rapid learning. There’s nothing to it. Just sit back, close your eyes and let the gentle voice lead you to a new world within. In just a few minutes, you will be a step closer to your goals. Morse Code is easy! Theory is easy! It is when you do it the easy way with a Success Easy hypnosis CD.

Most other methods induce stress while attempting to teach you code or theory, but the Success Easy CDs induce a state of mental relaxation. All you need do is follow the simple instructions–we can’t do that for you! You do need to follow the instructions.

Scientific study after study has shown that learning is enhanced by relaxation and impeded by stress. Learning isn’t the only thing affected by emotional state–performance is too. Think about it. You know it is true in your own experience, don’t you?

What is code conditioning? In a deep trance state, you learn to associate the sound of the character with its letter. Later on, when you hear that sound again, the letter seems to magically leap into your mind! It is so easy. This approach is a thousand times faster than the antique “code practice” systems.