Letters From Satisfied Users

Hello Peter,

Whatever I expected these tapes to be, they certainly weren’t what I expected. But, in the interest of learning Morse code, I listened to the first Mental Block Buster tape. Suddenly, my typing showed flashes of speed I thought myself incapable of. Still, I figured I had the wrong tapes for me—I must need recorded tapes of material, Surely? Well, on to learn letters “m” et al. Today I learned the alphabet and numbers; took about thirty-five minutes. It’s not perfect yet, but I have tried for more than thirty years and never got past “F”! You know, I believe there is something deceptively simple about this….I think it could help the receiver in football, the player making foul shots and three pointers, the baseball batter, all those high pressure things. Seems like the first step in learning is to relax. Well Peter, I don’t understand it, I never would have banked on it, but there’s something to it! I have for years prayed over the sick, I pray over the cars after i fix them (I’m a mechanic), so I know things can be true even if I don’t understand them. I appreciate what you’ve done for me, really opened up the world! Fibber McGee and Molly is coming on the radio, so that’s all for now,

Shannon Boal


Dear Mr. O’Dell, I wanted to write and thank you for your tapes. However, I wish you had not posted your disparaging message on your web site about learning 5 wpm. Nevertheless, I tried to become a ham 40 years ago, when I was 10. It didn’t work. Today, I passed the CW test after using your test, as well as computer practice with a program from ARRL. The CW Mental Block Buster II not only addressed the desire and fear about learning CW, but it has helped me relax considerably, in what is one of the most stressful times in my 20+ years of being a neuropsychologist in practice. EG, managed care, business pressures, professional pressures, etc. Your tape reminded me of an Ericksonian therapist I saw in graduate school when the dept chair was po’d at me and threatened to kick me out of the program. I developed psychosomatic stress problems from having to hold a lot of anger in, in order to graduate. You’ve probably heard this story before. Anyway, now that I’ve passed the CW test, I still plan to listen to your tapes to plan for the future, instead of letting external forces plan for me. My code can only get better as I talk with McElroy in my head. Again, TNX and 73, Bob K4RLC

Robert L. Conder, PsyD, ABPP


Hello, Peter, I have been half-heartedly trying to improve my CW for quite a long time. I saw your ad in QST and decided to give it a try. I was a bit discouraged by my lack of success (due partly to my half-hearted efforts) and was amazed to discover that my last CW contact was January 1989! Talk about in a rut! I had bought the MFJ-418 pocket code tutor and was using it some with Farnsworth ON at 22WPM and overall speed set to 10WPM. It seemed to be going so-so, but when I received your tapes business picked up! I followed the instructions in the manual and, even though I have not yet gone as deep as I get when I am absorbed in a book and become oblivious of my surroundings, it seems to be working! After going through Tape 1 twice, I went through Tape 2 a couple of times and got on the air. I find myself copying QSOs that I would not previously attempted. The only problem I’m having at this point is getting my fingers to work fast enough. I think that will come with time, when the circuit from brain to hand speeds up. I think that it was money well spent!

One minor complaint: There seems to be a few seconds missing from the beginning of Tape 2, Side 2. It begins with “as you start to exhale”, but I hadn’t inhaled yet!

Anyway, I plan to keep using the tapes and get on the air daily. Time should take care of the rest. I am looking forward to participating in Straight Key Night without embarrassing myself.



Al Turner Mobile, Alabama


What can I say but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Today was one of the best in my recent memory as I have finally passed the 13wpm exam after 8 tries! Why I am so excited? Look at the date of your note to me. I received both your tapes on Feb 18 and ran them twice a day until today (Feb 24) where I listened to Speed Code 20 only. For 5 of the 13 WPM exams, I missed by 1! Today I did not miss any, and now can add a /AA to my call sign until my new call sign arrives.
I am beginning my quest for 20 wpm as I have passed the 4B element for my Amateur Extra and with the tapes help, I WILL succeed.

Craig Novak
Just a few lines to let you know that these tapes are fantastic. My husband first started trying to learn code thirty-four years ago. Unfortunately, he was never able to be successful at it until now.
Your tapes have changed his whole perspective on code. He will be taking his five word code test around the 10th of August. He’s doing so well. I’m so proud of him.
I myself have a ham license, KF6HDK. I’m so impressed with his new found ability that I’ve started listening to your tapes. I’m sure that I’ll do just as good as he has.
Thank you so much for giving us the chance through your tapes for overcoming the difficulties of learning code. Now it’s fun and relaxing. It feels like second nature in doing code now.

Carolyn Williamson, KF6HDK
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your “CW Mental Block Buster” tape. It really works. I have tried to learn CW for a period of 31 years, off and on. The best I could do was 3 words per min. I was at the point to give up a life long dream to be a ham.
I saw your advertisement in “CQ” magazine; it seemed to offer a new approach, so I decided to try it. I faithfully used the tape twice a day and did the workbook exercises. I also began to use some slow speed practice tapes.
Much to my great surprise, I could copy 8 WPM with no problem! What a surprise. Needless to say I passed my Novice exam with no problem, and fulfilled a 31 year dream, I became KB2HTB. I have since gone on to receive my 10 WPM ARRL Code Proficiency Award, and I have passed my 13 WPM General Exam which is the license that I have.
I have found that by learning from your tape I hear the sound, and instinctively write down the correct letter or character without even thinking about it. I also found that when I would practice with your tape, it would take away all trials and tribulations of the day. I have also read Jose Silva’s book and found it to be fantastic.

Dan Mirabelli
Enclosed is my check for the Contest Code tape. I had ordered the CW Lite and CW Mental Block Buster tapes at the beginning of this year with the hopes of passing my General Class license. I followed the program to the letter and it worked for me! Within 60 days after starting with CW Lite, I was able to copy 15 WPM in my head. I took my CW test and passed on the first try. Many thanks for your CW Lite tape. It was money and time well spent for me. I am now ready to try the Contest Code tapes.

Dennis Shegda, N3KRE