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Dear Friend,

I appreciate your interest in our CD programs. If you are having difficulty with CW, I have a pretty good idea of what you are going through. I got my first Novice license¾ one-year, nonrenewable in those days¾ when I was in high school. I followed the ARRL method (start with 5 WPM, try to increase your speed by listening to code a couple of wpm faster than you can copy, etc.), even though it did not work for me. When I complained that it didn’t work for me, everyone told me just to do more of it. So, I did more of what did not work for me. Failing the exam, I concluded that I could never be a ham. Looking back on it, I now know I felt shame because I thought I couldn’t copy code.
Later, the FCC changed the rules allowing a second Novice license. I knew I could handle 5 WPM, so I quickly had another ticket. This time, the code seemed some easier for me, but it was still a lot of hard work. It seemed like I fought it all the way. That feeling of being on the bottom of the heap was more than enough to motivate me. I worked hard on it, but I thought the struggle was worth it. I envied those who could just do it “naturally;” and at the same time I resented them because they had it so easy. Deep down, I feared they were somehow better than me. When I went to take the General, I thought I could copy well above 13 WPM. That day, CW sounded like a submachine gun to me. Burp Burp Burp Burp
Needless to say, I failed again and was pretty sure that I just did not have what it takes. I just quit. I did not listen to any code practice or make any contacts for three months. A friend asked me to go to the exam with his father, who had a heart condition. I was to take the exam, otherwise his father would catch on that I was baby-sitting him. Well, I walked in totally carefree because I knew I was going to fail. I was in a playful mood. And when the FCC guy started the tape, I had a big chuckle because I knew he had put on the 5 WPM tape. Laughing as I copied, I did not miss a single character until near the end when I realized that it was in fact the 13 WPM tape. I passed that day, but more importantly I learned a big lesson. Copying above 7-10 wpm has to be done by the unconscious mind. When you get your conscious mind out of the way, your unconscious will copy easily and effortlessly.
Later on, I would go to work at ARRL HQ and feel like a second class citizen again. Even though I had an Advanced, I felt the need to upgrade to Extra, just to be one of the “big boys.” CW was still a struggle, but I got through. Altogether, I spent about 10-12 years working for ARRL and CQ. In that time period, I talked with thousands of hams and “wanna be” hams who had just as much trouble with the code training methods as I had. Believe me, I understood their frustration.
Since my hobby was my occupation, I soon developed other interests. I had always been fascinated with learning how the human mind really works. In time, this led to hypnosis and “self development” programs. As I learned more, I started to think about how I could have learned code much quicker and easier. And I learned how to rid myself of some of the mental blocks that I carried around as a result of “doing more” of what did not work.
Then I thought of the people who I had talked to who shared my frustration with the old ways of learning code. Our tape programs are dedicated to those people. CW Mental Block Buster helps you rid yourself of the mental blocks and frustration induced by other methods. And we have several other tapes for other aspects of testing and operating.
If you like and use our CDs, that is wonderful. If not, that is okay, too. But do stay with it. Ham radio is the greatest hobby ever invented. I do not believe that anyone has ever failed to become a ham or upgrade to the license class he wanted– some folks give up and quit before they reach their goal– they did not fail, they just quit. Big difference. Keep plugging. If I can do it, you can do it. YOU will make it.

73, Peter/WB2D
P. S. We recommend that you order our CW Mental Block Buster III CDs first, regardless of your interest. It gives you great insight into the workings of your unconscious. When you order the CW Mental Block Buster III CDset first, you can be sure that you have laid a great foundation for whatever you want.
If you have comments or questions about our tapes, please call me on my personal office number  (561-302-7731) or drop me a note: