Ham Radio FAQs

Q: Will I be able to copy code at 20 (13, 5, etc) WPM just by listening to your CDa few days?

A: To be perfectly honest with you, you may not, but it does happen. Some people can copy code solidly at very high rates of speed with virtually no additional practice. One fellow wrote to say that he went from 15 WPM to over 30 in three days. Another fellow called to order a CD because his friend had gone from 0 to 15 WPM in three weeks. We have a letter on file from N3KRE who went from 0 to 15 WPM in 60 days. Everyone responds a little differently. We don’t know just how quickly you will respond. What we can and do guarantee is that everyone will respond to this program, when you follow our instructions. You may be one of the lucky ones who will pick up a pencil and start copying instantly. On the other hand, you may need some practice copying from copy-practice CDs, computer programs or off the air, but you will need a lot less practice when you use our tapes. You can count on that!

Q: I’m still pretty skeptical, so I think I will try it for a few days and see how it works for me.

A: As we said before, everyone is an individual. But in talking with hundreds of our customers, we’ve noticed that a large percentage of them report something like this, “I was pretty skeptical to start with, but nothing else worked for me. I followed your instructions and used your CD for several days. As far as I could tell, nothing was happening. I was ready to quit. Then, I got up one morning and found that I could copy code 7 WPM faster than the day before! Boy, was I thrilled.” That’s the reason we insist you use the CD daily for 30 days. The programs do work if you give them a chance. You don’t even have to believe that it will work, but you must follow the instructions. Your progress may be very different than your friend’s, but you will make progress.

Q: Who has the worst time with CW?

A: Since Gallup has never tested the general population for CW ability, our answer has to be based on what we hear back from our customers. It seems that people whose occupations demand a heavy reliance on logic (left-brain activity in today’s popular jargon) often pop up as “problem” cases. Logic is a wonderful tool, but you have so much more. What’s more, logic cannot be used to efficiently copy code more than a few WPM. Copying code is a “right brain” function, just as listening to music or appreciating art. You must learn to let go of your logic. In the final analysis, it is only those who approach life in a rigid manner who have difficulty with our methods. The CW Mental Block Buster III induction is especially designed for bright, logical people.

Q: Okay, I’ll be real serious and work real hard on it every day. Isn’t that the right attitude?

A: Actually, no, next to indifference, it is probably the worst approach to learning code, particularly with Success Easy CDs. With hypnosis CDs, you are encouraged to relax and just let it happen. Be playful, have fun, “working at it” will just induce stress and make it more difficult to learn. When you order our CDs, plan on having fun learning code! (You do have to be persistent and use the tape every day. But that is the easy part once you see how relaxing and refreshing it is to use a hypnosis tape!)

Q: I have a learning disorder. Will your tape get me through?

A: Yes, but it may take a little longer for you to reach your goal. We’ve had a number of people write and tell us of their success after all other methods failed. In each case, these hams wanted to improve their code speed, and they were willing to persist for 30 days or more — whatever it took. How strong is your desire to improve?

Q: What if I fail to learn code?

A: No one has ever failed to learn to copy code. A lot of people have quit before they learned, but no one has ever failed. You can bank on it.

Q: I can copy code okay, but I just can’t remember the theory. I guess my memory is poor, right?

A: Your memory is perfect! It is your recall that is faulty. Lack of knowledge isn’t holding you back. What’s holding you back is the things that you do know that are not true! False beliefs about yourself and your abilities! These are the major road blocks to achieving your potential. Hypno-Theory provides the strongest techniques in the world for changing your belief system. You will be taken through a series of mental movies that will rapidly change the way you see yourself. And the CDs will teach you to dramatically improve the accuracy of your recall.