New Home

Just glancing at this web site, you may not be able to tell that there is a big difference. There is, but it is the sort of thing that would be described as being “under the hood.”

The previous incarnation of this site was hosted by Go-Daddy. It is a fine company, and they gave me good service. But we left them and moved here to servers provided and run by QTH.COM.

Why? Because Scott Neader, owner of QTH.COM gave me better service and, frankly, a better price.  If you happen to be in the market for web hosting, I would suggest you check out what Scott has to offer.

It is fine and good that I am giving Scott a bit of a plug here, but there is a real lesson, too. If you have some sort of business or service that you offer, chances are that you are up against some big guys with deep pockets. Every industry has its “Go-Daddys” out there.

How do you compete with them? I think one of the best approaches is by giving attention to each person and treating them like a friend.  That is what brought this site to these servers. Under the hood, we human beings are all pretty much the same. We like to be treated like friends.